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Dating silverface fender

Our research efforts are now in their fourth year (will it ever end? Part 1 and Part 2 of this series can be found in the March 1997 and November 1997 issues of TCG, respectively.Again, I would like to thank everyone who responded to our request for data as outlined in Parts 1 and 2.There is also an unconfirmed report of an early '68 Twin Reverb with the cathode bias circuit.If you see one of these cathode biased amps, please let me know! The wire from the two 220K ohm bias resistors is connected to the brass control panel ground plate.There still seems to be some confusion about how to distinguish between a silverface Fender amp that has the desirable AB763 circuit and one that has the less-desirable AB568/AC568 circuit.

These read something like T020366 or F034267 where the "66" and "67" denote the year and the "03" and "42" denote week of the year.These amps have AB763 tube charts and normally any silverface amp made prior to May 1968 will have the AB763 (a.k.a. After April 1968, most of the big Fender amps received the AC568 circuit, which is a semi-cathode biased design.However, these two Showman amps have a fully cathode biased design that is factory stock!!!Transitional circuits: I’ve been getting quite a few reports from amp geeks about circuits that don’t completely match the schematic for a particular model.Leo Fender was notorious for tweaking circuits and the results of some of his tinkering can be found on late examples of an amp prior to the switch to a new circuit. no one will notice or care (at least not until the mid to late 1990s).

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