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The Americans in Vietnam had our own unique language, and each unit had its own dialect.In the CAPs, our dialect took words from English, Vietnamese and French, with expressions borrowed from street slang, Marine jargon, rock-and-roll and many other sources.

This included your pack, web belt, helmet, canteens, first aid kit, etc. Back to top AFVN -- The call sign for Armed Forces Viet Nam, the U. My favorite feature was the "Chicken Man" comedy skits. The AK was robust and reliable with a high rate of fire.In theory, you could drop one in a bunker and whoever was inside would come out. ) -- A cyclo was a motorcyle with a small, two-wheeled passenger compartment grafted on in place of the rear wheel.Cyclos plied Highway 1 from dawn to dusk, providing transportation for anybody with a few doi -- "boe-doy" (VN) -- I'm told this is what the NVA called themselves, the way Marines called themselves grunts. Any one of a huge variety of explosive devices, often homemade, hidden and designed to kill or wound when an unsuspecting Marine or RF hit the tripwire (triggering device). CAPs were small, so they tended to be close-knit and interdependent groups with no "outsiders" defined by race or other factors. military plastic explosive that came in one kilo (2.2 lbs), plastic-wrapped bricks packed into 40-pound "det kits" with detonating cord and time fuse. CAP 2-7-2 was an element of 2nd CAG based in Hoi An.The VC mastered the art of using booby traps and we used many tricks to avoid them. Having only my experience as a guide, I don't think the racial conflicts that troubled some U. bu cac toi -- "boo-cock-toy" (VN) -- A very nasty phrase, guaranteed to offend any Vietnamese speaker. Stable, malleable and powerful, we used it to make various size charges to blow up dud ordnance and bunkers. The umbrella organization over the Combined Action Groups was part of the 3rd Marine Amphibious Force headquartered in Da Nang. CAP -- Combined Action Platoon (sometimes Combined Action Program).

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