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If you identified yourself as an emo kid throughout grade school and spent the majority of your weekends sneaking out to catch live shows only to come home exhausted from nonstop mosh-pits, you probably had at least one major crush on your favorite band member.

Whether it was Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance or Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy, we’ve all been guilty of drooling over an eyeliner-clad rockstar.

Posting under an anonymous handle, Cara challenged another commenter to find her, mentioning the things she did share on dating sites: her first name, the fact that she covers travel and lifestyle in her job, and that she lives in New York.

Minutes later, a Tweet to her real name popped up from the commenter—she'd been found.

Now exists as a slightly darker facebook alternative for emo/scene children, the retarded offspring of any and all of the above subcultures, now with fringes.

Also a disturbing number of fake profiles clearly created by middle-aged perverts, most of them written in broken foreign English, but claiming to be from either the US or UK.

Check out how a decade or so in time has affected your favorites and you may be shocked.

Was a place for open-minded alternative peoples, goths/punks/metalheads/etc, to post a profile and find similar people.

I began using the name in my early twenties, when I realized just how many first dates were Googling me before we met and unearthing essays on topics ranging from why I love hooking up with guests at weddings to that time I told a guy I was moving to California just to get him to stop texting me.I'm on a first date at a crowded bar, waiting for my date to come back with our drinks. A girl is standing by his side."It's so weird, my cousin is here! Because, strictly speaking, my name is not Annabelle. Annabelle, Claire.""Nice to meet you." I cringe as I offer my hand.At worst, he'd be so afraid I'd write about him that he wouldn't give me a chance.So I started just not sharing my name, especially with guys I met online. I could often go through an entire date without even mentioning my first name.

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It's like they want to see your résumé before they meet.

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