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Guest book of christian dating sites

It is a question that Christians and non Christians have struggled with throughout the ages. Some people dream of a knight in shining armor saying all the right things at all the right times, without a single complaint, whisking us away off into the sunset to live happily ever after.

Others may think it means having an undeniable, unfading connection with a soul mate who never argues and accepts us exactly how we are without judgment or strife. There are just a few small flaws with that perception.

With just 3 simple words we see how much God loves us.

We decided to post a blog with a list of Bible verses about love for those singles who want to know more about what God has to say about love.

God is our perfect example, the perfect source on how we should love and how to learn to love others.

Enjoy some scriptures from the Bible about love, perfect love and true love!

My professional career began with the automation of banking years ago.

I was among the first in the insurance agency industry to automate my office to computers.

Some of us may remember the old TV series The Brady Bunch where a beautiful blended family of 8 got along fabulously and every obstacle had a happy ending. Most blended families are wrought with difficulty on a variety of fronts.

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How can you deal with compulsive behaviour like this in a Christian manner?

Part 2 How does one deal with compulsive behavior in Internet usage?

I am not a trained counselor but some practical items come to mind that I invite you to consider: 1.

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