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:) If you have this problem, please respond answering as many questions as you can. (Discord, Twitch, Skype) Were the other affected members of your raid team in the same voice app with you? If you logout and back in, does the problem fix itself?( Do not try in LFR as we can't help with debuffs) If you leave the instance and come back, does the problem fix itself? We want you all to have fun when you play and to resolve any problems we see as quick as possible.We have received a few reports of sounds cutting out while in the Tomb of Sargeras and have been unable to find the cause.

This forum exists to provide World of Warcraft customers with a place to discuss technical issues with each other and Blizzard Tech Support staff members.

If I'm casting Circle of Healing, then it switches to Sanctuary.

It does it only when using healbot, not when clicking on the action bar or out of the spell book.

is on the decline and Blizzard no longer expects to see growth. Technically, private server describes any server that is privately owned. However, in this context, private servers are those that emulate the gameplay experience of online games.

There are many reasons why former players have quit, but the most dominant reason is that the game is no longer the same. Server emulator is another term that’s often used interchangeably to describe the same thing. After all, wouldn’t official servers offer the most enjoyable and worthwhile experience, especially because they are run by professionals and have the largest populations? Down below we’ll see an example of a private server that employed a microtransaction model that backfired on the owners.

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