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Malayu sex com100

China on Wednesday evacuated nearly 60,000 people in its mountainous southwest after a strong earthquake killed at least 19, rattling a region where memories of a 2008 seismic disaster remain fresh.

The 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck Sichuan province late on Tuesday, tearing cracks in mountain highways, triggering landslides, damaging buildings and sending panicked residents and tourists fleeing into the open.

Others, speaking from the road amid an exodus on traffic-choked mountain highways, reported cars being hit by persistent rockfalls in the quake's aftermath.

The 2008 quake set off deadly landslides in the region, obliterating towns and damming rivers -- creating menacing "quake lakes" that forced the evacuation of thousands downstream as the army worked to clear the blockages.

PARIS—Her name lives on a century after they stood her in front of a firing squad on Oct.The family was transferred to North Sumatra, and within a month, the children fell ill, and the boy died, at age 2.Mac Leod raged; she stayed out of his way, and learned new dances.Hundreds of soldiers and rescue personnel had been deployed to the Jiuzhaigou area, along with hundreds of vehicles, and dozens of sniffer dogs and devices used to detect life underneath rubble.A stream of empty tour buses bearing the sign "Emergency Rescue Vehicle" made their way across the highway toward the disaster zone Wednesday afternoon.

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