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So, you bought 4 cute little six inchers, that are now a whopping 24 inches, and that’s not even counting the motley crew that were added by circumstance. Leslie Triplett The Pond Gal Connect with The Pond Digger: The Pond Digger on Facebook: The Pond Digger on Periscope: The Pond Digger on Instagram: The Pond Digger on Pinterest: The Pond Digger on Twitter: The Pond Digger on Youtube: The Pond Digger on Snapchat: If you’ve never been to a pond tour then it’s time to get involved!

You can find a pond tour, Parade of Ponds, Moonlight Pond Tour, Desert Pond Tour, 365 Pond Tour, Pond Walk, day or night, three hundred and sixty five days a year!

Would you like to kickstart a weight loss routine, or break a diet plateau that’s been holding you back from your goal weight?

Is your current “fad” dieting just not cutting it for you?

If you already have a pond, but think this exciting, and easy method is for you then build a pond for a friend or family member!

You can shed the weight while you create a beautiful gift for someone you love. Call The Pond Digger now so we can customize a weight loss pond design plan to match your goals and expectations!

The challenge of separating the wheat from the chaff of info on the ‘net in the pond world, is just like everything else on the internet.

While the components he had were generally correct, they were not correctly sized for his feature.

He would have been sorely disappointed with his results, because he thought he knew what he needed, but didn’t understand the specifications. Not just a suggestion, but akin to a command, maybe with a little less force. Not going big enough in the first place accounts for over 30% of The Pond Digger Construction projects, because the homeowner didn’t want to get crazy and build a lake in their yard. In about a heartbeat, that 8 x 11 pond will be looking small.

I recently had a DIY pond guy decide he would build a pond just like Eric did on Snapchat.

When he sent me his pond size, and equipment list, I had to put on the brakes.

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My husband, Eric Triplett, The Pond Digger spends a great deal of time with weekend warriors in their backyards after the fact.