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Updating chart pdf

Scheduled and exported reports are generated on the server by the standard charting engine.

These reports are generated as JPG or PNG files and sent to the client browser. Publishing a report creates public a link to that report.

Depending on which approach you choose and your product version, a different charting engine may be used.

For more information, see Report Generation Methods.

You can save these reports using screen capture software.

ACLs are required to view the list of records when you click on a portion of a chart.

You can generate the following types of reports, organized by category: Shows how one or more values change over time by connecting a series of data points with a fitted curve through the data points.

The trend line or curve reveals a general pattern of change. These on-demand reports are useful for capturing information at the moment, such as the number of incidents assigned to you right now. You can also schedule reports to generate on a regular basis.

See Scheduling and Publishing Reports for more information.

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Values along the horizontal axis of the trend chart represent the time measurement.