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Watch the system boot, and if you look closely, you will notice that on first boot the updated sysmerge(8) program runs and does the obvious things that do not require manual intervention, and if there are non-obvious things left, a message and an email to root alerts you of the need to do a manual sysmerge(8) run.

I tend to do a sysmerge run anyway after upgrade, if only to see it complete silently: as was the procedure in previous releases will not do any good).

As an illustration, consider a system which has the following packages installed: php53-5.3.27 PHP Scripting Language php53-bz2-5.3.27 The bz2 shared extension for php php53-ctype-5.3.27 The ctype shared extension for php php53-curl-5.3.27_1 The curl shared extension for php php53-dom-5.3.27 The dom shared extension for php php53-exif-5.3.27 The exif shared extension for php php53-extensions-1.6 A "meta-port" to install PHP extensions php53-filter-5.3.27 The filter shared extension for php php53-gd-5.3.27 The gd shared extension for php php53-hash-5.3.27 The hash shared extension for php php53-iconv-5.3.27 The iconv shared extension for php php53-json-5.3.27 The json shared extension for php php53-ldap-5.3.27 The ldap shared extension for php php53-mbstring-5.3.27 The mbstring shared extension for php php53-mcrypt-5.3.27 The mcrypt shared extension for php php53-openssl-5.3.27_1 The openssl shared extension for php php53-pcntl-5.3.27 The pcntl shared extension for php php53-pdo-5.3.27 The pdo shared extension for php php53-pdo_sqlite-5.3.27 The pdo_sqlite shared extension for php php53-pgsql-5.3.27 The pgsql shared extension for php php53-posix-5.3.27 The posix shared extension for php php53-session-5.3.27 The session shared extension for php php53-simplexml-5.3.27 The simplexml shared extension for php php53-soap-5.3.27 The soap shared extension for php php53-sockets-5.3.27 The sockets shared extension for php php53-sqlite-5.3.27 The sqlite shared extension for php php53-sqlite3-5.3.27 The sqlite3 shared extension for php php53-tokenizer-5.3.27 The tokenizer shared extension for php php53-xml-5.3.27 The xml shared extension for php php53-xmlreader-5.3.27 The xmlreader shared extension for php php53-xmlwriter-5.3.27 The xmlwriter shared extension for php php53-zip-5.3.27 The zip shared extension for php php53-zlib-5.3.27 The zlib shared extension for php This was obviously a system installed some time ago, last upgraded when the current version of PHP was 5.3.27. Updating database digests format: 100% pkg: libxml2 has a missing dependency: pkg-config pkg: php53 has a missing dependency: pkg-config The following 1 packages will be affected (of 0 checked): New packages to be INSTALLED: php53-fileinfo: 5.3.29_3 The process will require 2 Mi B more space. done (0 conflicting) [1/1] Installing php53-fileinfo-5.3.29_3... [1/1] Extracting php53-fileinfo-5.3.29_3: 100% # pkg upgrade php53 Updating Free BSD repository catalogue... This means that new versions of popular packages arrive into the repositories shortly after they are released by the upstream project.

The current version of PHP is 5.3.29 and when I tried to install another PHP extension (which is a # pkg install php53-fileinfo Updating Free BSD repository catalogue... In case of PHP, the installed versions become out of sync with the freshest ones in the repos very fast, and currently the only possible way of upgrading PHP is to upgrade each and every extension separately - an operation which, because of the broken dependancy tracking, may install new binaries (, leaving it broken until manually and individually fixed.

And of course, if you do not have the ncftp package installed, this command will work on any Open BSD box with a full base system installed: (thanks, Pedro Caetano!

) One of the things that makes doing Open BSD upgrades so amazingly easy is the sysmerge(8) program.

During the relatively short time when snapshots identify as the release but actual -release packages are not yet available (as in the recent 6.1 release cycle) you may have to adjust the pkg_add command to include to remove packages that were installed as dependencies (mainly libraries) but are no longer needed.

Currently, the only significant way package dependancies are honoured at all is when a package is first installed.The next step is to copy the fresh Here I type no for my Norwegian keyboard layout, if you want a different one you can get a list of available choices by typing L instead, and pressing Enter.Once you've chosen your keyboard layout, the upgrade script prompts you to specify where your root file system is located.And of course, do pick the correct architecture for your system.If the files on the mirror server are newer than the ones I have locally, I'll download them with If there are no updates, well, that means I'll just check back later.

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