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No date was set, and neither wrestler shared much information about their relationship or their marriage plans.In fact, not much is even known now about the wedding of CM Punk and AJ Lee.Her mother suffered with bipolar as well and her father was physically abusive.The former athlete used these setbacks, including her own bout with bipolar, to her advantage and went on to be one of the most successful and beloved female wrestlers.April Jeanette Mendez AJ, AJ Lee, April Lee, Miss April, Geek Goddess, Crazy Chick Pisces Union City, New Jersey, USA Chicago, Illinois, U. Mendez graduated from Memorial High School in West New York, New Jersey.She had attended Tisch School of the Arts at New York University and majored in film and television production, and writing. She was WWE Diva of the Year 2012 and is the youngest general manager in WWE history. From 2010 to 2011, she appeared in WWE Superstars as AJ. She was trained by Jay Lethal (or Jamar Shipman) with whom she also dated for couple of years.We wish them all of the best in their new marriage.

Her book contrasts her own life with her mother’s whose life was dramatically hindered by the disease.“All you can ever want when you go into something that is…your dream job, is to leave it better than you found it,” she said.CM Punk and AJ Lee were married this weekend in a private ceremony, which could actually be bad news for fans hoping for a WWE comeback from Punk.In the ring, AJ Lee, was a character who sweetly skipped to the ring but would flip her attitude on a dime.AJ Lee’s fictional life spiraled out of control when her on-screen boyfriend broke up with her.

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Because of the disorder, Brooks dealt with insomnia, OCD symptoms and even overdosing on anti-depressants and pain medications.

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