Who is john cena dating now in 2016

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Who is john cena dating now in 2016

After two months, their divorce was finalized and all the matters regarding their divorce have been settled and solved amicably.According to numerous resources it is alleged that John offered Elizabeth a pecuniary financial settlement and Elizabeth refused his offer by claiming that he is trying to recover the relationship. , he just dated with him for some time and then this couple had a breakup. Their relationship started when both stars met on the WWE reality show.

Elizabeth was not ready for this kind of action therefore she even tried to abolish the couple prenuptial agreement and Elizabeth also argued that John was not loyal to her and he was cheating with her from a long time.

There’s a good reason for that though, and it’s with the emergence of other big-time babyfaces within the company. With all of those merchandise sales going strong, there are also a number of big-time babyfaces in that group.

That helps in trying to have another savior and face for WWE if they wanted to make the big heel turn that so many have wanted for so long.

Zap 2 It reports that in an interview Cena opened up about what inspired him to take a sabbatical and try a new type of television show. After all, the GIF-worthy Cena has been kicking ass and taking names for quite some time, and I’m sure the newer WWE competitors are ready to rise to another level of fame and success with the behemoth out of the way.

Here's what he had to say: I’ve been a cornerstone of WWE programming since 2002. Cena goes on to say that he hopes his appearance on will expose new audiences to the WWE.

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John Cena already gets seriously mixed crowd reactions wherever he goes, and in some places, he’s booed out of the building.

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